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- Mobility

Access file servers, shared databases, and all of your applications at LAN speeds regardless of location. Co-workers work as if in the same office, even when located on another continent! Applications and data remain on our high performance, secured servers. Only terminal activity passes over the communication link - keystrokes, mouse clicks, and screen updates. This technology provides crisp responsiveness with connections as low as 56k dial-up.

  • Your desktop goes with you
    You and your users can access your accounts from various computers - at the office, from home, a co-worker's office, or even a hotel room - and always have full access to all your files, and applications. All delivered on the same personalized Windows desktop, always up-to-date.

  • Centralization
    Cost-effective and efficient solutions for multiple or replicated sites. Perfect for multiple location retailers! 

  • Mobile work force
    Support your outside salespeople, delivery team, field service technicians, and anyone else that works away from the office with real-time access to the central application and data. Run your largest applications on a laptop or PDA with mobile web access!

  • Telecommuters
    We have economical and productive solutions for companies supporting a "stay-at-home" labor force.

  • Flexible Access
    Store your files on our servers or on your own PC. Files stored on our servers are backed-up daily and can be accessed from anywhere.No special hardware is required just your browser, or our remote access software for added features and greater security. Users can access our systems from:

    • The Internet

    • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

    • Private point-to-point lines

    • Dial-up access modems - Our system is so efficient that 56k dial up modems are capable of running the most demanding applications with ease.

  • Strict Security
    We use the same security standards used in the financial and defense industries so you can be confident that you have the best in security and reliability for your data.   




Application Hosting

Because users are working on the Application Service Provider'e network, small businesses no longer have the need to upgrade existing hardware to accomodate new applications and growing storage requirements. - Newsbytes

Affordable Application Hosting, Cloud Computing, and Global Data Communications

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