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Why use Cloud Computing?

Because Cloud Computing gives you the same benefits a Fortune 500 company gets from a multi-million dollar Data Center and dedicated IT staff! Plus: Global accessibility, and Government grade Security. All for a small monthly fee.

Cloud Computing will provide you with:

  • Freedom
    Get back to minding your business - Not your computers!

  • Piece of mind: Security

Our clients that were affected by the Disastrous Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy had one consolation: All their business records were safe and sound in our Data Center. In the aftermath, many clients accessed their systems from the Relief Centers set up iby the Red Cross!

  • Performance
    This technology allows small client devices to execute the most intensive applications with ease.

  • Flexibility
    Client devices can be small PC's, Apple, Linux, Android, and other mobile devices.

  • Money: Save Lots of Money!

    • Little to No Capital Investment!

    • Little to No Communications Costs!

    • Reduce or Eliminate Maintenance and Management Costs!

    • Eliminate Workstation Upgrades!

    • Stop Buying and Maintaining Servers!


  • Mobility: Work from anywhere and support mobile workers
    Your desktop goes wherever you go.

Prices start at less than $40.00 a month!



Application Hosting

Because users are working on the Application Service Provider'e network, small businesses no longer have the need to upgrade existing hardware to accomodate new applications and growing storage requirements. - Newsbytes

Affordable Application Hosting, Cloud Computing, and Global Data Communications

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