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It’s amazing how a remote access project can evolve.

Rochester, NY- In 1996 Digital Networking Systems developed a means by which users of an industry specific business management application can access their data from all their points of business. The company has recently completed the implementation of a national application-hosting center. This provides very inexpensive Wide Area Networking to hundreds of clients nationwide. The original solution included thin client technology over a private WAN. "Performance was excellent. The connectivity costs were prohibitive to the masses" said Frank Schramm, Senior Engineer for the project.

Digital Networking Systems was contacted by the company that developed the application (RFMS -Tuskaloosa AL), and one of its largest users (The Maxim Group - Kennesaw GA) to develop a solution that was: 1) More affordable to smaller companies, 2) Available throughout their territory (North America), and 3) Yield high performance with security and reliability. After many different concepts the company came up with a proposed solution that was widely accepted very quickly. "I honestly didnít realize just how popular it was going to be" Said Schramm.

The Application Hosting solution employs thin client technology from windows based terminals and legacy PCs at the customerís sites communicating through an R5 secure VPN via redundant fiber optic backbones. Clients access a farm of application servers running a combination of Microsoft, Citrix and proprietary in-house application hosting products. These in turn have access to redundant data servers. "Everything is redundant with automatic fail over" said Schramm, "the only single point of failure is from the last mile into the clients site".

Special access accounts are also available so a client can access the system through the Internet. He said: "This is a popular feature, a lot of management personnel like to keep tabs on things while traveling or at home. This allows them complete access from virtually anywhere". When asked about cost Schramm stated that a typical company can use this system for about 25% of the cost of a private WAN. In addition, all IS functions are provided by Digital Networking Systems, removing the burden from the client.




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