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- Save Money

 Cloud Computing cuts your operating cost in many ways:

  • Minimum to No Capital Investment!
    You have no servers to install, maintain, or out grow.  We bear the expense of owning and maintaining the servers and central communications equipment. Including operating systems, database engines, and user licenses. You only need cheap, disposable, PC workstations.

  • Nominal to No Communications Costs!
    Eliminate expensive leased lines and satellite links. Access our national "Virtual Private Network" at a small fraction of the cost of a dedicated circuit. Or, you can access your applications directly from the Internet with your web browser!

  • Reduce or Eliminate Maintenance and Management Costs!
    We manage the entire system: Configuration, administration, installation, service, maintenance, and upgrades. You will have no more need for expensive service contracts or consultantís fees.

  • Eliminate Workstation Upgrades!
    Desktop computers function as simple terminals - old Pentiums and other slow computers can perform like the newest and fastest processors for years to come! We perform all the upgrades on our servers and you get the performance benefits on your workstation!

  • Budget Planning
    Pay one regular monthly fee, so it's easy to forecast expenses and plan your budget. There are no hidden or extra costs, unlimited support is included.

Prices start at less than $40.00 a month!



Application Hosting

Because users are working on the Application Service Provider'e network, small businesses no longer have the need to upgrade existing hardware to accomodate new applications and growing storage requirements. - Newsbytes

Affordable Application Hosting, Cloud Computing, and Global Data Communications

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