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- Performance

The most demanding applications will run on the smallest of client devices; including tablets and smartphones running: Android, Linux, iOS, and even old PC's perform just like you were tied to a desk with the most robust workstation.


Small & medium size companies get BIG capabilities:

  • Wide Area Networking and Global Accessibility
    Support multiple locations and mobile workers in real-time.

    • Users can access our systems from:

      • The Internet

      • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

      • Private point-to-point lines

      • Dial-up access modems - Our system is so efficient that 56k dial up modems are capable of running the most demanding applications with ease.

    • No special hardware is required just your browser, or our remote access software for added features and greater security.


  • Ultra-High Performance Servers - Make your weakest computers perform like powerhouses.

  • Professional Information Systems Staff - Our team of technicians, programmers, and engineers are at your beckon call.

  • Reliability
    The infrastructure within our data center does not allow for any single point-of-failure, including redundant servers. All of which are inter-connected on their own private internal network, so client data is never directly accessible from the outside. And user connectivity is controlled by load balancing routers arranged in a fault-tolerant configuration. All this ensures your application and data will be ready and accessible when you need it most.

  • Scalability
    As your needs grow, a simple phone call makes your solution grow with you. Al small or as large as you need.

  • Dependability
    We have deployed solutions using this technology with great success since 1995.



Application Hosting

Because users are working on the Application Service Provider'e network, small businesses no longer have the need to upgrade existing hardware to accomodate new applications and growing storage requirements. - Newsbytes

Affordable Application Hosting, Cloud Computing, and Global Data Communications

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