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  • Scaleable high-bandwidth connection
    Connection #1:
    Designed as a spur directly off of Global Crossings tier 1 OC-192 10,000 Mbps (9953.28) fiber optic global network.
    Connection #2:
    Is a node on Time Warner's fiber optic OC-3 SONET ring. 

  • High-speed server farms
    Implementing the latest technology in hardware and software provides the fastest Application, Data, Mail, WEB and Storage Servers. Our servers are replaced with the newest technology on the average of every 18 months!

  • Low server density
    Light server loading insures high performance with no storage limitations. Dedicated servers are provided to clients requiring even greater performance or specialized needs.

  • Reliability
    To insure against extended system failures the data center has multiple clusters of redundant servers. The infrastructure within our data center does not allow for any single point-of-failure. The web-servers and application servers have protected mass storage and built-in redundancy so component failure has minimal impact.

    All servers are inter-connected on their own private network, so client data is never directly accessible from the outside. User connectivity is controlled by load balancing routers arranged in a fault-tolerant configuration. All hardware is monitored remotely 24x7 by in-house staff, ADT, and our two Network Operations Centers to guarantee immediate response to any alarm conditions, or faults.

  • Accessability
    Users can access our Data Center from:

    • The Internet

    • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

    • Private point-to-point lines

    • Dial-up access

    Our system is so efficient that 56k dial up modems are capable of running the most demanding applications with ease.




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