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Our security strategies are to protect your company's information from unwanted intruders as well as your users errors. Our technologies allow you to conduct business via the Internet with the utmost confidence.

  • Fire, Intrusion, and Environmental Alarms  
    Our facilities are monitored 24 x 7 by ADT for fire, intrusion, environmental changes, and power state change alarms. This insures proper notification and rapid response to alert conditions.

  • Data corruption / User errors
    Data is backed up onto multiple alternate media devices on a daily basis. This provides an archive copy and restore point in the event of file corruption or inadvertent data entry / deletion by the user.

  • Communications Privacy
    Application hosting clients access the system via a double encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a 128 bit single encrypted Internet connection. Web site gateways requiring security implement the use of SSL public / private key encryption.

  • Data Privacy
    DNS provides a partitioned, secure area in which a customer may load, migrate, and prove the success of the migration. The customer will have the capability to protect and control his data. A secure data media storage area is provided within our Data Center; further, the customer will oversee the destruction of residual data on DNS equipment and assets.

  • Network Security
    Our firewalls are designed with maximum security denying all access unless specifically configured to prevent unauthorized access to our network. This traffic is monitored 24x7.


  • Physical Security

    • Physical key access to the Data Center

    • No outsider is allowed; only our systems and network administration staff have access

    • Logging of entry and exit

    • 24x7 security camera surveillance

By designing, building, managing and maintaining our own private Data Center, we are not bound by the limitations of working within the confines of someone else’s system. This gives us the ability to provide solutions customized to each clients specific needs.




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