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Think of Web:DRIVE as a large hard drive that is globally accessible. It has been specifically designed to streamline your business communications.
Web:DRIVE lets you collaborate with colleagues, backup, and share your files between multiple computers and more...

Plans start with as much as 250GB of online storage, and 5 user accounts.

You get -

  • Capabilities of a private network - without the expense
  • Global accessibility of the internet
  • Totally password secure central storage with daily backups
  • Fast setup

– so get started today!

Your private business network.
Web:DRIVE gives you the ability to transfer documents between multiple computers without the added cost or time of hooking up to a server. Now you can share files stored in a central storage vault and collaborate efficiently with password-protected security. Additional space and user accounts can be added at any time to keep up with your business needs.
Work virtually anywhere.
It’s all about accessibility. With Web:DRIVE you’ll have access to all your business files from home, the office or even when you travel. You and your colleagues or remote sales forces can easily share critical information. You’ll also be able to catch up on your work anytime from anywhere!
Ultimate simplicity.
There’s no new software or hardware, so there’s no new learning curve. Just map a drive in your "Network Places" to your  Web:DRIVE and you are ready to start uploading your business documents.

How much does it cost?
Our goal is to provide a cost-effective solution that is reliable, easy to use, and secure.

 Plans  Storage  Seats  Monthly  Annual*
Basic 250GB 5 $99.95 $1,079.45
Workgroup 300GB 10 $159.95 $1,727.45
Enterprise 500GB 50 $599.95 $6,479.45

Additional Storage space: $10.00 per 50GB

Additional User Accounts: $10.00 per seat

*Save 10%!

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Computer Security

If this is your idea of computer security,
we have to talk.

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